Awards 2007

Awards 2007

The Geological Society of Japan Prize

Yukio Isozaki (Univ. Tokyo)
Research theme: Elucidation of basic framework of geological structure of the Japanese Islands and study of the mass extinction at Permian-Triassic boundary

The Geological Society of Japan International Prize

David H. Green (Australia National University)
Research theme: Experimental petrology and geochemical studies of magma genesis and evolution of lithosphere

Allan White (La Trobe Univ., Australia)
Research theme: Classification and of I- and S-type granites and study on their genesis by the restite model

The Geological Society of Japan Island Arc Award

Graciano P. Yumul Jr. (Philippines)
Awarded paper: Yumul, G. P. Jr., Dimalanta, C., Tamayo, R. Jr. and Maury, C. (2003) Collision, subduction and accretion events in the Philippines: A synthesis. Island Arc, 12, 77-91.

The Geological Society of Japan Sakuyama Masanori Award

Mutsuki Aoya (Geological Survey of Japan, AIST)
Research theme: Study of tectonics and thermal history of the Sanbagawa metamorphic belt

The Geological Society of Japan Best Paper Award

Hayato Ueda (Hirosaki Univ.) and Sumio Miyashita (Niigata Univ.)
Awarded paper: Ueda, H. and Miyashita, S. (2005) Tectonic accretion of a subducted intraoceanic remnant arc in Cretaceous Hokkaido, Japan, and implications for evolution of the Pacific northwest. Island Arc, 14, 582-598.

Yasuhiko Ohara (Japan Coast Guard)
Ohara, Y. (2006) Mantle process beneath Phillipine Sea back-arc spreading ridges: A synthesis of peridotite petrology and tectonics. Island Arc, 15, 119-129.

The Geological Society of Japan Young Scientist Award

Tatsuya Kanemaru (Nihon Univ.)
Awarded paper: Kanemaru, T. and Takahashi, M. (2003) Anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility of tonalite in the Tanzawa plutonic complex and its implications for emplacement mechanism. Journal of the Geological Society of Japan, 111(8), 458-475. (in Japanese with English abstract)

Yuya Kobayashi (Sogochishitsu Consultant Co. Ltd.)
Kobayashi, Y. and Otsuka, T. (2006) Sedimentary facies and environments of the Jurassic Samondake Unit in the Mino Terrane, central Japan. Journal of the Geological Society of Japan, 112(5), 331-348. (in Japanese with English abstract)

The Geological Society of Japan Contribution Prize

Awardee: Shuichi Tomagae (Geological Institute, Hokkaido Prefecture)
Awarded contribution: Contribution to regional geology with thin section and other sample preparations

The Geological Soceity of Japan Commendation

Awardee: Yasufumi Kitanaka (Photographer)
Commended contribution: Publication of two volumes of “The Waterfalls of Japan”