125th Anniversary in 2018

Public information magazine GEOLGE

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In May 2018, the Geological Society of Japan (JGS) will mark 125 years since it was founded as the Geological Society of Tokyo in 1893.
Taking the opportunity of the 125-year anniversary, JGS aims to further promote the implementation of advanced research and sharing of results, and to enhance earth sciences education throughout Japan with the development of geoparks and Earth Science Olympiads.
JGS believes that the combined results of these efforts will increase understanding among the general public regarding natural disasters and safe use of the geosphere, and in doing so, these efforts can support sustainable development of industry and new innovations.
The main events planned to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the founding of the society are as follows:

(1) A commemorative ceremony in Tokyo in May 2018.
(2) An anniversary conference and symposium at Hokkaido University in September 2018.
(3) A review of developments in geology and related sciences over the past 25 years since the 100-year anniversary, to be published as a special edition of the Journal of the Geological Society of Japan. This will appear serially in 2017 and 2018.
(4) Publication of an educational book showing the general public how much geology contributes to society (scheduled for around August 2017).
(5) Publication of an “Illustrated Book of Prefectural Stones of Japan—A Rock, Mineral, and Fossil for Each Prefecture” [Please confirm this English title.] (scheduled for April 2018) containing the rocks, minerals, and fossils chosen to represent each of the forty-seven prefectures of Japan, which have already been announced to commemorate the 125-year anniversary.
(6) Publication of a special English edition of the public relations magazine “Geolge” commemorating the 125-year anniversary (scheduled for 2018).
(7) Issuing of membership cards, which haven’t been issued before, in commemoration of the 125-year anniversary (scheduled for the end of 2017).
(8) Use of the anniversary logo and anniversary poster from 2017 (the year before the anniversary) to build momentum for the 125-year anniversary celebrations.