Awards 2011

Awards 2011

Geological Society of Japan Prize

Hikaru Iwamori (Tokyo Inst. Tech.)

Research title: Geological studies on mantle material circulation and magma generation and differentiation

Geological Society of Japan International Prize

J. Casey Moore (Univ. California, Santa Cruz)

Research title: On-land geology and marine geology of accretionary complexes

Island Arc Award

Demian M. Saffer (Pennsylvania State Univ.)

Saffer, D. M., Underwood, M. B. and McKiernan, A. W. (2008) Evaluation of factors controlling smectite transformation and fluid production in subduction zones: Application to the Nankai Trough. Island Arc, 17, 208-230.

Geological Society of Japan Ozawa Yoshiaki Award

Jun-ichiro Kuroda (JAMSTEC)

Research title: Elucidation of the link between the earth’s internal activities and the oceanic anoxic events

The Geological Society of Japan Sakuyama Masanori Award

Yoshio Kono (High Pressure Collaborative Access Team)

Research title: Study of the earth’s internal structure by elastic wave velocity measurement of rocks

The Geological Society of Japan Best Paper Award

Yuzuru Yamamoto (JAMSTEC), Manami Nidaira (Hokota 1st High School), Yasufumi Ohta (Japan Soc. Maintenology) and Yujiro Ogawa (Univ. Tsukuba)

Yamamoto, Y., Nidaira, M., Ohta, Y. and Ogawa, Y. (2009) Formation of chaotic rock units during primary accretion processes: Examples from the Miura–Boso accretionary complex, central Japan. Island Arc, 18, 496–512.

Masahiro Fujii, Yasutaka Hayasaka and Kentaro Terada (Hiroshima Univ.)

Fujii, M., Hayasaka, Y. and Terada, K., 2008. SHRIMP zircon and EPMA monazite dating of granitic rocks from the Maizuru terrane, southwest Japan: Correlation with East Asian Paleozoic terranes and geological implications. Island Arc, 17, 322-341.

Shunsuke Endo (Nat. Inst. Advanced Indust. Sci. Tech.)

Endo, S., 2010. Pressure-temperature history of titanite-bearing eclogite from the Western Iratsu body, Sanbagawa Metamorphic Belt, Japan. Island Arc, 19, 313–335.

The Geological Society of Japan Koto Award

Jun-ichi Tazawa (Niigata Univ.), Junko Anso, Miyuki Umeda (Fukui City Museum of Natural History) and Toshiyuki Kurihara (Niigata Univ.)

Tazawa, J., Anso, J., Umeda, M. and Kurihara, T. (2010) Late Carboniferous brachiopod Plicatiferina from Nishiamada, Fukui Prefecture, central Japan, and its tectonic implications. The Journal of the Geological Society of Japan, 116, 51-54.

The Geological Society of Japan Young Scientist Award

Tetsuya Tokiwa (Japan Atomic Energy Agency)

Tokiwa, T. (2009) Timing of dextral oblique subduction along the eastern margin of the Asian continent in the Late Cretaceous: Evidence from the accretionary complex of the Shimanto Belt in the Kii Peninsula, Southwest Japan. Island Arc, 18, 306-319.

Tomohiro Tsuji (Ehime Univ.)

Tsuji, T. and Sakakibara, M. (2009) Large-scale overturned structure of the Northern Chichibu Belt in western Shikoku, Southwest Japan. Journal of the Geological Society of Japan, 115(1), 1-16. (in Japanese with English Abstract)

Yoshimitsu Suda (Center for Chronological Res., Nagoya Univ.)

Suda, Y. and Hayasaka, Y. (2009) Genesis and evolution processes of the Paleozoic oceanic island arc crust, Asago body of the Yakuno Ophiolite, Southwest Japan. Journal of the Geological Society of Japan, 115(6), 266-287. (in Japanese with English Abstract)

The Geological Society of Japan Contribution Prize

Teruaki Ishii (JAMSTEC/Fukada Geology Institute)

Contribution title: Contribution to study of ocean-floor geology and petrology around Japan

The Geological Society of Japan Commendation

Awardees: Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute and Minami-Boso City, Chiba Prefecture

Commended contribution: Preservation of the submarine landslide outcrop and related social education activities