120th JGS: 2013 Sendai

120th JGS: 2013 Sendai

14-16 September 2013

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International symposium:
S1. Circum-Pacific ophiolites: subduction, accretion, and mantle processes (16 September 2013, 8:45-11:45)
Akira Ishiwatari (Tohoku Univ.) and Sumio Miyashita (Niigata Univ.)

Studies on ophiolites have greatly contributed to understand the earth’s large-scale magmatism and tectonics. In addition to the conventional mid ocean ridge(MOR)-type and supra subduction zone(SSZ)-type ophiolites, the greenstone bodies derived from oceanic large igneous provinces originated in mantle superplumes are recently drawing attention with the associated characteristic ultramafic volcanic rocks such as komatiite and ferropicrite. These ultramafic volcanic rocks are known to be widespread on the surface of Mars and Mercury as deciphered by recent planetary explorations, and their petrogenesis becomes important in planetary geology. In this international symposium, leading researchers of ophiolites and mantle rocks in USA, Russia and Japan will provide geological, petrological, and geochemical reviews, discussion, and perspective of future studies on the mantle processes and magmatism, accretion-related tectonics, subduction metamorphism, and other relevant problems around ophiolites.

Speaker: Dilek, Y.(Miami Univ., USA),Harris, R.(Brigham Young Univ., USA),Sokolov, D.(Geol. Inst., Rus. Acad.Sci.),Ishiwatari, A.(Tohoku Univ.),Miyashita, S.(Niigata Univ.),Arai, S.(Kanazawa Univ.)and Tsujimori, T.(Okayama Univ.)