122st JGS: 2015 Nagano

122nd JGS: 2015 Nagano

11-13 September 2015
Shinshu Univ. Nagano-Engineering Campus[Access]

International symposium: Geology of East Asia and Forensic Geology
Organizers: Simon Wallis* (Nagoya Univ.) and Koichi Hoyanagi (Shinshu Univ.)

–S2;Early Tectonics and Paleogeography of East Asia
Conveners: Simon Wallis* (Nagoya Univ.), Yasufumi Iryu (Tohoku Univ.), Mark Williams (Leicester Univ.), Tatsuo Oji (Nagoya Univ.)and Naomi Murakoshi(Shinshu Univ.)
From the eastern part of the Himalayan chain to the Japan ocean trench, east Asia contains some of the highest mountains and some of the deepest oceans in the world. The great variation in geomorphology in East Asia reflects the complexity of both the present geological setting and its long geological history. In this symposium we invite experts in paleogeography and related fields from different partner societies and the Geological Society of Japan, with the aim of offering a chance to exchange information on the tectonic history of eastern Asia, including the early geological foundations of the Japanese islands.

–S3;Development of Forensic Geology
Conveners: Ritsuko Sugita* (National Research Institute of Police Science)
This symposium forms part of the activities of the IUGS-IFG and aims to provide information on forensic geology from its origins to present day cutting-edge with presentations by forensic geologists from Europe and America. The symposium will focus on discussion of how geological material can be used as forensic evidence and thus contribute to society through helping to solve crimes. Forensic geology is part of the activities both of universities and private companies, and has recently been introduced as part of geological curriculum in some institutes. In Japan this field has been active for several 10s of years, although it has only recently become widely known. We hope this symposium will add to the growing interest in this field and help demonstrate how the geological characteristics of Japan may be used by forensic geologists.
Deadline of abstracts; 30 June 2015
Deadline for early Registration; 18 Aug 2015

Program (Coming soon)
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