123rd JGS: 2016 Sakurajosui, TOKYO

123rd JGS: 2016 Sakurajosui, TOKYO

10-12 September 2016
College of Humanities and Sciences, Nihon University. [Access]

International symposium: Geological and paleogeographical evolution of the Ryukyu Islands in the late Cenzoic
Conveners: Yasufumi Iryu(Tohoku Univ.),HidetoshiOta(Univ. Hyogo/Mus. Nature and Human Activities),Kohsaku Arai(GSJ, AIST)

The Ryukyu Islands(Ryukyus)are situated to the southwest of mainland Japan and encompasses several tens of islands and islets, extending from Tane-ga-shima in the northeast to Yonaguni-jima in the southwest. Most islands in the Central and Southern Ryukyus are rimed by modern coral reefs and are covered with the Quaternary carbonates deposited in reefs and associated shallow lagoons and island shelves. The current terrestrial fauna and flora in the Ryukyus are characterized by a high frequency of endemic taxa. Based mainly on geological data including those for the Pleistocene fossils, some hypotheses were once presented for the paleogeographic changes, which supposedly caused coral reef‘turn-on’and gave rise to the current characteristic phylogeographical patterns in various terrestrial organismal lineages in the Ryukyus. However, recent molecular phylogenetic and evolutionary studies have yielded data that are obviously incongruent with those previous hypothetical scenarios. This symposium aims to integrate the latest geological and biogeographic data in the Ryukyus and create a new hypothesis for tectonic evolution of the islands.

Speaker(s) ; Shu-Kun Hsu(National Central University, Taiwan),Don Sunwoo(Korean Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources, Korea),Hidetoshi Ota(Univ. Hyogo/Mus. Nature and Human Activities),Mamoru Toda(Univ. Ryukyus),Koh Nakamura(Hokkaido Univ.)

Deadline of abstracts; 29 June 2016
Deadline for early Registration; 18 Aug 2016

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